9 Important Workout Tips For Beginners


Everyone wants to be fit and look perfect. But you are not sure how to get the push or motivation to get started? Being a beginner to the workout field is great, you’re about to embark on something incredible. So this is the time you got to hit the gym and shed those extra kilos and look your best and fit in your favourite clothes 😉 Is that motivating enough?( Oops, that reminds me of my hectic workout schedule today )

So, I have listed down few important workout tips for you to follow and remember as you are a beginner.PicMonkey Collage fitn ew

1. Drink Lots Of Water

If you want to have a better workout, you should make sure you are drinking enough water before and during your workout. Your body needs to stay hydrated, no matter what your fitness level is.

Water acts as a lubricant for your muscles, joints and vital organs. Water is necessary for you to have energy during your workout because it is the transporter of oxygen and glucose throughout your body.

2. Be Easy On Yourself

Never worked out before? Don’t go crazy with trying to go super hard on yourself, at the start. Think of it this way, on your first day of running, you don’t complete a marathon.

3. Eat Healthy

Do not skip meals thinking it will help you lose weight. That’s a wrong approach. Obviously you want to look better when you lose weight. Don’t you? Working out is great, but if your final goal is to be healthier, you’ll want to make sure you’re also eating healthy.

4. Know What Muscles To Stretch

Always consult a trainer in the gym before you start your workout. Always know what muscles you need to be stretching and warming up, before executing your current workout.

5. Don’t Limit Yourself To The Gym

Exercising looks different for everyone, but don’t think your fitness routine is disrupted if you couldn’t make it to the gym. You can run or walk outside, or even create your own mini-home-gym. Whenever I skip my gym, I prefer taking a walk near my home, or probably dance ( That isn’t a bad idea? 😉 )

6. Never Give Up

Once you’ve made the effort to start exercising, don’t give up just because things are getting tough. If you fail, get up and try again. Rome was not built in a day; to get that body you desire you got to continue working out and the results would take time to show but when it would nothing can match your happiness. You would feel proud of yourself.

7. Take Time To Rest

No matter how passionate you are about your exercise routine, always take out time to rest. Your body needs to recover to function at its best.

8. Get A Fitness Buddy

If you are having trouble staying focused on your workout goals, get an accountability partner. They can help keep you in line with your goals. When I started gymming, I was not motivated enough. So I started going to the gym my friend used to go. He’s none other than Paras whose an owner of a fitness blog: www.healthtemplego.in. Watching him exercise to look better every day motivated me way too much. Since then, having a fitness buddy really helps. Who’s your fitness buddy?

9. Good Music

This is very important if you are a music lover and cannot do anything without it. I will soon share a playlist for workout routines. If you love music and exercising, try combining the two.

Start loving your workout sessions and give your workouts a new dimension. 

What are the other things that you found useful when you started to work out? 

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    Nice info regarding fitness motivation puja….all da best for wonderful attempt…keep on posting…surely every one realize about health..


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