How To Style A Floral Dress For A Lazy Sunday Evening


What comes to your mind when you think of floral designs? Well, I imagine Summers, Beaches, Sun-kissed skin, Breezy Evenings, Springs, Warmth, Relaxation, and everything pleasant! Floral designs are back in trend and yes, they compliment every occasion! You can don a floral dress at anytime of the day and it will make you look outstanding. Right from wearing it to Office or to a Saturday night party, your floral dress will never let you down. When accessorised well, florals emerge as an ultimate wear for every woman.


Summer has almost arrived and many of you must be thinking about overhauling your wardrobe for the season. Don’t worry, I am are here to make everything a cakewalk for you (I’m trying, I swear!). Since childhood, my idea for summer is – Floral! So, this post is encompassed around how I styled my floral dress on a Sunday afternoon. Hoping that this post will help you to jazz up your floral look for summer!



I absolutely love the flair that this floral dress has. It makes your bottom look a little aligned, which in turn gives a sophisticated outlook. Also, there is no need to add unnecessary accessories to go with your floral dress. As the floral itself is a pretty rich pattern and it does not really need the help of external accessories to lift its aura. Keep it simple, just apply a li’l evening make-up and your look is almost set!


Now comes a noteworthy style tip! Whenever you wear a dress, make sure you don’t end up wearing flat footwear. As you can see in the image above, I am not wearing high heels, but a li’l bit of heel is enough to add the “Oomph” factor to your entire look. So ladies! make sure you have a nice pair of heels to club with your cute floral dress.


Furthermore, as we all know that hairstyle is an important factor for every kind of look. It means that you gotta spend a li’l more time in styling your hair as per your desired look. Take a simple shower and dry your hair properly, which will give the required bounce and shine to your hair. Good hairstyle will make sure that you excel at your style attempt with a floral dress. What’re you waiting for? Go, buy a floral dress and deck up your look! XoXo

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