How To Style A Skater Skirt This Summer ’16


I always used to wonder if I can ever carry a short skirt. It was the time when I was a bit chubby, and dressing up like a barbie was a distant dream. Then I realised that only dreaming about wearing those dresses wasn’t enough. You got to work out and shed some extra fat to look like a barbie. And ever since I chose a healthy lifestyle, I got the confidence to wear my favorite clothes. This being my first post, I chose to feature “Skater Skirt” style, which is pretty much in fashion these days.


Regardless of your body type, you should try this little skirt hiding in your closet. It accentuates your curves, and make them look more appealing. It makes your legs appear longer, thanks to its high waist and mini cut style. Not to forget, it comes in a variety of styles, designs, and fabrics these days. Moreover, new styling ideas are more than welcome (thanks to fashion industry’s big wigs) I don’t mind a few new ideas here and there.



To keep it simple and basic. I would suggest you can have fun with the prints too: right from Floral, Funky prints, Neon shades, Stripes, Polka Dots, to Lace, and much more. Although just make sure that the waist is high enough to make your legs look thin and endless, especially if you are planning to wear Heels or Wedges. (In the pictures, I chose wedges because they are super comfy *wink*) and don’t forget to tuck your top in.



Since Summer is here, Skate Skirt is just the right attire to adorn. No matter whether you’re going on a vacation, attending an after-office party or maybe going out for a few drinks, this dress will make you look chic and stylish.


To sum it up, everyone has their own personal style, so go on try this look, and maybe you can do a lot more experimenting with the Skater Skirt look. Do not forget to comment on this post and let me know if you found it helpful *cheers!*

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  1. Photo reviews

    A good start !!!

    Refreshing looks and a great location…

    Needs improved pictures, pictures were out of focus or focused on wrong subject… Fashion is all about showing it right … Great start though.. Keep it up..

    ****Be Happy, Keep Clicking****


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